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It’s all changing now

If you're reading the new book on creativity by John Cleese, you'll know that you can roughly split our ways of thinking in two — the fast and the slow. The clear and the messy. The nervous and the brave. With a name like Trouble, we made clear from the outset which path we wanted to pursue.

We wanted to go further and not just think in t-shaped people, but curly brains and vitruvian women and men.

So what does a creative laboratory do without just one business model, but several? A lot, it turns out. We're thrilled that so many people have come to us for help, guidance, hard work and stupid crazy ideas. We didn't love all of you. But we loved it all.

We loved throwing ourselves into programming an interactive music video. Publishing an eminent magazine. Investing in promising startups. Creating a strategy for traditional companies' path towards the digital world. And we are proud to have been trusted with making innovation crash courses with big global legacy companies.

Creating new products for both the physical world and the digital space. Writing a fiery manifesto for a better future — both for others and for ourselves.

All in all, it's been a mess. But it's the most creative mess we've ever been around. We've had fun and now we know for sure that the world needs new ideas. The world needs people thriving in trouble to move through the fierce challenges that apply everywhere.

The most interesting trouble we found was the reaction to our very opinionated approach and attitude. Some things are just better and more right than others, and no amount of money or big names have made us deviate from our belief. If you take a stand you scare some people away, but you attract others. And those tend to be the people you can align with — the ones who are much more ready for some messiness. But most importantly, that approach creates a common thread throughout your work, it's your profile, your identity, it's you. More mature and focused businesses could take it as inspiration.

But as we wrote on the cover of the latest issue of Mayday Magazine: It's all changing now.

The idea about Trouble has been tested much more than we planned and in ways we didn't know about when we set sail. We have stayed true to the experimental mindset and done a lot of pushing to spread the idea everywhere we've been and with all the people we've worked with. Also when we felt the fast track was way more appealing.

Now the idea and all the learnings must flourish on a bigger scale than our original experiment. Trouble is much more fun and too important to keep in a laboratory. We've already graduated some extremely talented and strong-willed people to new ventures and great companies.

The three founders will also be moving towards new places that are trusting us with some trouble, reaching the end of chapter one by the end of the year.

As we knew in the beginning, the only constant is change. And it's all changing now.

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